Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 2

If you play with a book, is it also a toy?

Suppose a book could be a little of both, something to read and something to do.

Now wouldn't that be grand!

For this holiday gift list, I've pulled together 23 books that look or feel like toys.

Some of them move about or pop up, or have soft things to pet.

Others invite readers to play: make up a story, color a page or build a Lego.

A couple are stories about toys who want a child to love.

Below are live links to the titles of each post. Click the link to go directly to a review or scroll down the page.

To see Day 1 of my Holiday Gift Guide, click here.

1. It'a Book! It's a Card! Send-a-Story books.

2. Dot vs. App, Press Here.

3. Once Upon a Holiday…, Storyworld: Christmas Tales.
4. The Gift of Happy, Razzle-Dazzle Ruby.

5. Pick Me! Pick Me!, Clink.
6. Bugs for a True Love, The 12 Bugs of Christmas.

7. Super Size It!, Piggies Big Book & The Circus Ship Big Book
8. Build This!, The Lego Ideas Book.
9. Maxims That Pop, Aesop's Fables.

10. Pencil, Paper, Scissors!, Let's Make Some Great Art.

11. It's a Stamperpiece!, Stamp Art.

12. Sing Yourself Silly, Lisa Loeb's Silly Sing-Along and CD.

13. Calling All Mechanics, Under the Hood.

14. It's a Good Life, Cupcake, The Bake Sale.

15. Lumphy, StingRay & Ball are Back!, Toys Come Home.

17. Doodle All the Days!, Daily Doodle 2012 Daily Calendar.

18. Gifts for a Jedi, Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia & Star Wars Darth Vader.

19. Dish Up a Doodle, Doodle Cook.

20. Color Me!, Zolocolor!
21. Mad Science 101, Alien Robots Kit.

22. Dolce, Gabbana and You!, My Fabulous Look Book.

23. Snicker and Doodle, Mega Mash-Up series.

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