Wednesday, December 14, 2011

16. Give Me a Scratch

Created by Matthew Van Fleet
Photography by Brian Stanton
$16.99, ages 2 and up, 18 pages.

Pat the fur of fluffy creatures without leaving the couch!

From the creator of the wildly popular Heads, Cat and Dog comes a pettable book of farmyard animals.

Like having a petting farm in their hands, readers get to touch the fluffy wool of sheep and silky mane of a horse, and push a tab to help a rooster peck at food.

As author Matthew Van Fleet rhymes the sounds animals make, he also sneaks in a few giggles.

In one spread, readers pull a tab at the front of a cow and a farmer splashes milk into the mouth of house cat crawling between the cow's legs.

Readers meet seven kinds of animals in all, as well as read the sounds they make.

In addition, they learn the terms used for mothers, fathers and babies in each species.

A must for any child with the urge to race over and hug every animal she sees.

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