Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11. It's a Stamperpiece!

Stamp Art
Created by Kaitlyn Nichols
Klutz, 2011
$21.99, ages 8 and up.

Stamp up a menagerie of animals and plants in this fun twist on shape drawing.

Using 64 stamps in assorted shapes (from tear drops to crescent moons), kids piece together the body parts of the favorite creatures.

Half-circles become the fins of fish or elephants ears, and dew drops become octopus tentacles or a lion's face.

A must for fans of Ed Emberley's drawing books, the kit takes the worry out of getting shapes just right.

As with Emberley's books, it builds on familiar shapes, such as triangles and almonds, to create birds, aliens and more.

Each kit comes with three double-ended colored pencils (for a total of six colors), a washable inkpad, and a see-through stamp block to help place each design.

Then at the front of the kit is a how-to that covers use and care of the stamps, as well as tips and tricks to getting a clear image.

There are also suggestions for turning a smear or fuzzy image into a "mistamperpiece," a creative picture they never planned on.

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