Wednesday, December 14, 2011

21. Mad Science 101

Alien Robots Kit
Created by David Eckold
$24.99, ages 7-12, 48 pages.

Monster-eyed paper robots scuttle and spin back to life, in this fun adventure kit that teaches the basics of power and motion.

Imagine that an alien robot ship has crashed on Earth and the bots are looking to you, the owner of this kit, to gather up their pieces and do repairs, writes the kit's author Eckold.

First you'd need to reconstruct the spinning bots that protect the other bots. Then you'd have to repair the robot's handyman, a pink, one-eyed fellow that vibrates to move, and reassemble the bot that communicates signals into space.

That leaves just two more aliens to patch up: a blue spinning bot that can drill for resources and a yellow propeller bot that filters toxic gases out of the atmosphere.

Along the way, you, the cosmic scientist, will learn a glossary of science terms from atom to insulator.

Each kit comes with two motors, one axle, two battery holders, a propeller, two rivets, four foam disks and 25 card parts, as well as a science book with instructions, definitions and tips for making robots perform smoothly.

Just the thing for the child who takes electronics apart and tries to put them together again.

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