Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6. Bugs for a True Love

The 12 Bugs of Christmas
Created by David A. Carter
$12.99, ages 3-6, 12 pages.

Tinsel-tailed bugs, bugs with antlers and cuckoo bugs pop out of wrapped boxes in this silly twist on the beloved carol, The 12 Days of Christmas.

This latest book in Carter's wildly popular Bugs pop-up books begins with a fruitcake bug in a pear tree folding out of a polka-dot box and ends with 12 angel bugs in mismatched socks and red button noses hanging from a striped pop-up tree.

Every pop-up opens with a feeling of "Ta-da!" as eager bugs with big saucer eyes jump out to greet readers.

Some slip out from behind bows. Others spin candle light from a pivoting wheel. In that one, a moire pattern of red and yellow stripes turns behind five candle bugs to suggest glowing light.

The 12 Bugs of Christmas is a charmer, and will be read forwards, backwards and everything in between through Christmas and beyond.

No "bugs" about it.

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