Wednesday, December 14, 2011

22. Dolce, Gabbana and You!

My Fabulous Look Book
Created by Karen Phillips
Klutz, 2011
$19.99, ages 8 and up.

Doll up drawings with the latest in-things in a drawing kit that's sure to elicit squeals when it's opened.

The kit, a fashion diary and lesson in one, comes with pen outlines of posed bodies, faces, hands and feet, and accessories to color in.

A packet of five double-ended pencils offer 10 colors to style with, from lipstick red to cool indigo, and tucked into the back of the book are silver stickers to add bling to faces and shoes.

Readers receive mini fashion lessons in how to shade in a ruffled camisole, draw a pleated skirt, or accessorize with drawings of pumps or handbags.

They also learn how to draw different hair styles, textures and coloring, and apply pencil like makeup, to add blush, mascara and lipstick to model's face.

Then readers flip through their body of work, gather their best looks and display them in scrapbook-style frames in the back of the kit.

Get ready Michael Kors. The next generation is already practicing in the wings.

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