Wednesday, December 14, 2011

20. Color Me!

By Byron Graser and Sandra Higashi
$6.99, ages 6 and up, 96 pages.

Black lines loop around and bubble up on the page of this open-ended coloring book by the creators of ZoLO toys.

"Somewhere between black and white lies an infinite range of hues, tones, patterns, textures, moods and ideas that make up the colorful spectrum of your imaginations," the book's creators write in an intro. "This book is designed to spark your creativity and inspire the many uncommon ways to color."

Doodlers are invited to color pages any way they fancy, whether it's inside the lines, outside the lines, on them or around them.

They can also choose whatever medium they like, colored pencils, crayons, pens or paint, and even create designs within designs if they want.

Every pattern has an abstract, modern look and feels like it's challenging itself to be something other patterns are not.

Some patterns are busy, filling up pages, with interlocking triangles that look almost like stars or with puzzle shapes with torn edges.

Others are bold and spare, with big splashy shapes or ovals amassed on a black backdrop like a collection of unused speech bubbles.

This is a book that's soothing to do, almost meditative. It puts your focus on the page and makes everything else fade away -- if only for a doodle or two.

For more about ZoLO toys, click here.

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