Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14. It's a Good Life, Cupcake

Bake Sale
Written and illustrated by Sara Varon
$16.99, ages 9-12, 160 pages.

Cupcake, a pink confection with a cherry hat, has a sweet life.

He's got his own bakery, lots of customers (Tomato, Can, Pear, they all love his place), his band and his best friend Eggplant.

Lately, though, Cupcake's been in a baking rut.

So, when Eggplant tells him about a dreamy pastry chef overseas named Turkish Delight, Cupcake thinks his baking woes are over.

He quits his band and puts all of his time into bake sales so he can pay his way to Turkey and learn her baking secrets.

But could Cupcake be looking for help in the wrong place?

From the creator of the break-out gem, Robot Dreams, comes an adorable graphic novel-cookbook about true friendship.

After seeing all these yummy characters, readers will be hankering to bake their own.

(Lucky for them, Varon includes recipes for seven in the back, including a cupcake just like Cupcake.)

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