Friday, August 27, 2010

Ants in Your Pants: Color + Draw + Read + Write Activity Book

by Yukiko Kido
$12.99, ages 4-8, 80 pages

Smiling faces leap off the page of this charming learn-to-spell workbook.

Ants in Your Pants is a great tie-in to Kido's clever word books, which show by a flip of the page how changing one letter in a word can change what the word means.

Bold, sweet graphics of children and animals, combined with simple word-forming exercises, help kids build their vocabulary using 11 spelling patterns.

Children fill in missing letters in words ending with ig, ug, at, ake, ate, et, oat, ant, op, ow and am, then complete pictures about the words with their own drawings.

Kido's other learn-to-read books include Flip-a-Word Snake Cake and Flip-a-Word: Snow Bow.

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