Friday, August 27, 2010

Alphabeasties Amazing Activities

By Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss
$12.99, ages 6 and up, 64 pages
Our buddy the alligator is eating some odd things that start with the letter "A" and it's up to you to write them down before he gobbles them up.

In this delightful hands-on companion to the Alphabeasties picture book, readers practice their letters and numbers, and even count change, without ever realizing they're working out their brain.

On one page, children are asked to write capital "H's" to fill in a man's hair. On another, they search for "J's" in pictures, include one pair masked as a girl's legs as she jumps for joy.

There are also letter mazes, words to unscramble, tic-tac toes, animals to fill in with the first letter of their name and more than 300 letter stickers to design characters, including an S-shaped snowman.

My favorite worksheets: a page of letters in different typefaces for kids to color in with faces and a page to make thumbprint pictures that start with the letter "T."

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