Friday, November 25, 2011

You Are My Cupcake

Written & illustrated by Joyce Wan
Scholastic, 2011
$6.99 (board book), 14 pages

Babies have us the moment we see them. One look at those cheeks and eyes, and we get all melty inside.

And when they're our babies? Well, we think we'll burst from happiness, or as the idiom curiously goes, we'll "just  eat them up," every little toe.

In this adorable board book, Wan plays off that familiar expression and the intoxicating feeling we get from babies with names we reach for to show our affection.

Cupcake, gumdrop, sweet pea, cutie-pie, peanut and pumpkin -- phrases that convey how deliciously cute babies are and when read aloud, have our lips scrunching into a pucker.

Every endearment is used in a phrase, then paired with a rosy-cheeked picture of what it represents. Each has big dot eyes and tiny curved mouths that capture the sweetness of a baby.

The cutie pie is topped with a swirl of whipped cream to resemble a baby's first curl of hair, while the sweet pea peeks out of his pod as contentedly as a baby snuggled in Momma's sling.

One look at these adorable foods and you'll feel like you could just, well, eat this book up!

Don't miss Wan's other darling book in the series, We Belong Together, about the bonds of parent and child.

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