Friday, October 21, 2011

Links to 13 Books of Halloween

from Little Goblins Ten, Harper-Collins, $16.99
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1.  Bone Dog -- A ghost dog trots down from the sky to save her boy.

2.  Hampire! -- Farm yard animals fear a fanged hog will suck their blood.

3.  Zombie in Love -- A zombie looks for the undead girl of his dreams.

4.  Little Goblins Ten -- Ghouls count up to 10 in a cute twist on "Over the Meadow."

5. Gibbus Moony Wants to Bite You! -- A fruit vampire dreams of biting into a neck.

6. The Monstrous Book of Monsters -- A monster expert confirms kids worst fears.

7. The Undrowned Child -- A girl and Gondolier's son take on a demon in Venice.

8. The Black (Morpheus Road, Book 2) -- A ghost tries to stop a demon from destroying the living world.

9. Seven Sorcerers (Book 1) -- A girl tries to save her little brother from the clutches of a vengeful immortal.

10. The Inquisitor's Apprentice -- A Jewish boy with a sight for magic helps a New York detective capture a dybbuk.

11. This Dark Endeavor -- A teenage Victor Frankenstein searches for the elixir of life to save his twin.

12. The Isle of Blood (Monstrumologist, Book 3) -- A young apprentice searches for a gruesome beast and his mentor.

13.  Eddie (The Lost Youth of Edgar Allan Poe) -- An imp and raven inspire the horror tales of a young Poe.

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