Saturday, May 28, 2011

Treasure Me: Books for Baby

from Sweet Moon Baby
You can't go wrong giving Dr. Seuss books at baby showers, but will you be the only one giving them?

I'm sorry to say, but maybe it's true. A repeat gift can happen to you!

Seussian stuff has become so popular, it's hard to imagine a shower without it -- and we certainly wouldn't want to.

After all, what new parent wouldn't want a library of Seuss for Thing 1, Thing 2 or Thing 3?

But even when a gift is that wonderful, it's never fun seeing your idea unwrapped more than once.

So what could possibly be as sweet as a bundle of Oh, Baby, Go BabyOne Fish Two Fish and Cat and the Hat?

Or for that matter, Dorothy Kunhardt's Pat the Bunny?

A selection that's built around a theme that's just as touching or thoughtful, but that may not occur to someone else.

Below I've organized books into five categories, each with their own books and themes to play with.

Most of the books are for babies, but two categories also offer ideas for parents and siblings who need a little attention too.

Feel free to pick and choose from one or several categories, or let them inspire your own list! (Look below this post for all 8.)

1. Especially for Mom and Dad (Books they'll love too)
2. That's My Name! (Classic Characters and Authors who Share a Baby's Name)
3. Confections (Board books)
4. Classic Stories (Books you adored as a kid)
5. Books to Grow On (Collections about childhood moments and lessons)
6. Sleepytime Treasures (Adorable bedtime stories)
7. Brain Builders (Learning books that are clever and fun)
8. What about Me? (Books to show siblings they're special too)

Read a brief summary of each book, then click the book titles for more information.

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