Friday, April 22, 2011

Books to Turn You Green

from Patrick McDonnell's Hug Time
Get out there and give the world a hug. It's Earth Day and it's a great year to be green!

To help empower your children to make a greener world, I've gathered a list of stellar books about caring for Earth.

The first two celebrate children's curiosity about the natural world:  Me…Jane and Gus is a Tree

The third explores the science of weather and climate change: How the Weather Works.

The fourth calls on children to take a stand to heal the planet: Gaia Warriors.

The next shows ordinary folks becoming energy-saving heroes: Energy Island.

And the last spotlights how great it feels to reach out and care: Hug Time by the author who brought us Me…Jane.

I've also listed 10 fun ways to help your children be green. Who knows, they might just sprout grass for hair!

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  1. All of your earthy suggestions sound great...I'm jotting them down so I remember them for next year's library order!