Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being a Friend: 8 Books to Help Kids Along

from Brun-Cosme's Big Wolf & Little Wolf
There are many things parents hold their breath and wish for.

One is that their children always have a buddy to turn to -- at least one friend who stays true no matter what.

But making friends isn't always easy, especially if children feel shy or awkward, or don't know anyone.

And sometimes, even if they have good buddies, they find themselves on the outs or feeling apart from everyone else.

There's so much to learn about friendship, how to compromise and accept differences, how to stand up for yourself and be heroic when someone needs you.

You may have heard the phrase, "raising happiness." It's the idea that children will blossom if they learn to be considerate, compassionate and confident.

In celebration of that idea, I've pulled together 8 books about being a friend and some of the bumps friends face along the way.

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